What is Mead

Mead is not a beer or wine. Mead is the oldest beverage known to man, it’s made from pure honey. The honey is mixed with water, and then yeast is added to start the fermentation. It can be made in many ways just as beer and wine have varieties, so too mead has complexity. If adding fruit, you have a Melomel, if adding spices you have a Metheglin, and many other variations.

Mead is the original drink of passion, glory and love. Meads history is diverse as the drink. Vikings after battle would gather at mead houses to discuss their glory with vats of mead. Every medieval marriage would be blessed for a male son with the help of a lunar cycle, 29 days of mead, thus the Honey Moon was born. Mead is a pure art and passion from our past, it started over 8,000 years ago in central China and has travelled the world. Moonstruck Meadery has created this same passionate drink from long ago, using the old world methods to keep the passion, the flavor alive today.