Meet our Meads



Plum Mead

“New Yorker” style plum. Blending old world plums with the oldest adult drink just made sense to us. It’s a spicy plum fruit combination your palate will enjoy.


Peach Mead

Subtle peach character with fruity distinctive aromatics & honey notes. Gluten Free


Blackberry Mead

Fruity Blackberries with slight aromas of sweet Merlot. Savor this chilled delight with friends. We suggest serving in Burgundy or Pinot Noir wine glass.


Capsumel Pepper Mead

Aromas of fresh garden peppers .  The sweet golden honey dew dances on your pallet with a tender kiss of heat.


Farmhouse Cider

Our Farmhouse Cider is true to its name, slightly sweet apple flavor and aromas and double the alcohol.

Award winning meads from Moonstruck!

Moonstruck Meads are made from the purest Nebraska honey.

Our Mead & Ciders are made using old world methods to retain the best flavor and highest quality.

All of our Mead & Cider are naturally Gluten Free.  We hope you enjoy the excellent Quality & Flavor of our Meads!


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